Hundreds foreign travel influencers fly to Taiwan

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3 key characteristics of
collaborating with foreign influencer


Travel influencer

Effectively match suitable foreign travel influencers, reach difficult-to-access overseas customers through the widespread dissemination of content by influencers, and let travelers who want to come to Taiwan get to know your shop.


Professional content

Influencers create exclusive content for travel brands, using their superb photography and writing skills to help brands convey information accurately, and leverage fan economies to create brand awareness.


Effective exposure

By using precise keywords and having multiple influencers introduce your brand, your articles can dominate search engines and secure popular post positions, increasing the chances of your brand reaching overseas travelers.

Make foreign influencers your best partners

Expand foreign customer base
Want to attract foreigners to visit? Local recommendations are the most effective! Being familiar with local culture and breaking down language barriers makes overseas marketing easy!
Building a trust relationship
Leveraging the power of word-of-mouth, using influencer-generated content to bring brands closer to consumers, cultivating a sense of trust and refreshing customer loyalty.
Familiarity with local communities
Community cultures vary greatly, and collaborating with foreign influencers in the most effective way to create overseas exposure, bringing brands from abroad back to their home country!

Corporate Testimonial

Attracting overseas travelers
and creating diverse customer groups

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